New standards have parents paying more for youth baseball bats


It may cost parents a lot money to get their children involved in America's pastime.

According to a report published Monday by The New York Times, new rules have parents of youth baseball players paying more for bats. 

The New York Times reports that parents have been surprised to see the cost of a new baseball bat rise to as high as $350, as many sporting goods retailers are having trouble keeping the approved bats in stock. 

New standards issued by USA Baseball led to parents having to buy new bats -- models with the organization's logo stamped on them. The new USA Baseball bat standard went into effect Jan. 1, and The New York Times reports it will result in balls coming off the bat slower.

USA Baseball officials told The New York Times that bat manufacturers had no input in creating the standards. 

To learn more about the new standards and how they've affected parents and sporting goods stores, read the full article on The New York Times website.

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