When is the best time to buy Halloween candy?

We scoured the weekly ads to find the best prices

Halloween is still almost six weeks away and already stores are loaded with candy. If you're wondering what's the best time to buy candy for all of those trick or treaters and when the prices won't be so scary, here are the answers.

Not only is buying candy now dangerous, because you might eat it and have to buy more, it's also NOT the best time to buy if you want to pay the least. Economists poured over details and found that candy is the cheapest four days before Halloween. It's because stores want to get rid of their stock so they don't have to seriously mark it down Nov.  1.

However, if you want to buy now, I did some work and found the best deals. Keep in mind that some of these are only good until midnight, Sept. 22.

If you want to be the cool house with the full size candy bars, head to Publix. No discounts on the small size candy BUT Hershey's full size bars are 10 for $10. That's a seven dollars savings for every 10 you buy. Plus, Hershey's makes a lot of different types of candy

At Winn Dixie, Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers, Milk Way king size and more are on sale. These are four for $5.

If you're headed to Target, several types of Halloween candy are on sale, including 8 oz. to 11.5 oz. bags that two for $6.

Walgreens has three bags of assorted candy for $8 and at CVS, it's buy one get one 50 percent off.

Since we all love home delivery, I also checked Amazon's prices. It has assorted name brand chocolates, 335 pieces for $27.98. That includes a $2 coupon. We also found 315 pieces of Skittles, Starbursts and Lifesavers for just over $19.

Again, some of these in-store sales end this weekend, so if you're shopping for candy now, do it today or tomorrow. Or else, like I mentioned, shop four days before Halloween. That is when prices are the least scary.