Nassau County deputies warn of scam calls threatening arrest

Scammers demand money to keep potential victim out of jail


Investigators are warning residents that if they get a call from someone claiming to be a Nassau County deputy and threatening to arrest them, they should hang up immediately.

It's a scam, deputies said.

Investigators said the fake deputy caller tells the potential victim they are wanted for arrest and owe the government money because they didn't show up to court to pay fines.

Usually, the person is then told to go and purchase Green Dot money packs or similar items like gift cards and to give the caller the code number on the back of them.

In some cases, the caller instructs the potential victim to wire money through Western Union or Money Gram and threatens arrest if they don't comply right away.

The difference in the most recent scams are that the callers are asking people to meet them at locations in Nassau County, like convenience stores. Investigators warned you should NEVER do this.

"They could be just trying to get you to the store to convince you to buy those gift cards, or worse. Don't put yourself into an unsafe situation," the Sheriff's Office said. "Just hang up on these calls and block them if you can."

Investigators warned that once the caller gets the money from the gift card code or money gram, the money is gone and CANNOT be recovered.

Never pay anyone by gift card, Green Dot card or Western Union, and never give the card numbers over the phone, deputies said.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office will NOT call you and ask for payment to avoid arrest. They will not ask you to meet at a convenience store to pay them to avoid being arrested.

Call the Nassau County Sheriff's Office at 904-225-5174 if you are unsure if you are being scammed.

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