News4JAX hosting inaugural Jacksonville Image Awards

Know someone who’s a positive influence on our community? Cast your vote

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Graham Media Group Jacksonville is partnering with the Cochran Firm, among other local organizations, to recognize outstanding achievements in the African American community.

The inaugural Jacksonville Image Awards is a first-of-its-kind community recognition program modeled after the official “Trumpet Awards.”

“Celebrating our community is part of the fabric of what makes us the only truly local television stations in Jacksonville,” said Bob Ellis, vice president and general manager of WJXT/WCWJ. “Dedicating airtime and resources to create and honor people through the first-ever Jacksonville Image Awards is something we’re especially proud to do. Like other events we’ve created, it’s our hope this will become an annual event the entire city looks forward to each year.”

The community can recognize individuals for the following distinctions: the ‘Be The Change’ award, the ‘Pinnacle’ Award, the ‘One to Watch’ award, the ‘Music Excellence’ award, the ‘Innovator’ award, the ‘Education Excellence’ award, and the ‘Trailblazer’ award.

  • The ‘Be The Change’ Award recognizes individuals who, having succeeded against immense odds, herald change and prosperity to enhance and enrich the world. They are ever evolving, overcoming internal and external obstacles to show that, through hard work and humility, personal and societal change is possible.
  • The Pinnacle Award recognizes those who have achieved professional accomplishments throughout an extensive career and are role models for others to attain similar success.
  • The ‘One To Watch’ Award recognizes individuals who are quickly establishing themselves and making an impact in their particular field or industry. These are future trailblazers, or the ones to watch.
  • The Music Excellence Award recognizes individuals for their exceptional achievements in music, having made a tremendous impact with their creative works that have helped shape the local music scene.
  • The Innovator Award recognizes individuals who creatively challenge the norm by introducing mainstream culture to avant-garde ideas and making a social impact in their respective industry.
  • The Education Excellence Award recognizes outstanding commitment to the academic development and improvement of a system or community in an effort to enhance the lives of future generations.
  • The Trailblazer Award recognizes pioneers who inspire others to follow their path to greatness with innovative ideas that challenge the status quo.

Voting is open Feb. 3-16. The awards gala will be held on Feb. 29 at the Ritz Theatre. Tickets are on sale right now and are available for purchase on

Like the Trumpet Awards, the Jacksonville Image Awards were created to herald the accomplishments of black humanitarians who have succeeded against immense odds. Special recognition is given to the few representing the many who have overcome adversity.