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Turn your TV into a smart TV with this $20 AnyCast Stick

Project photos, videos, and more on your TV with the AnyCast Stick
Project photos, videos, and more on your TV with the AnyCast Stick (Glenn Carstens-Peters/Unsplash)

The way we watch TV is changing. With the rise of online content and the sheer number of streaming platforms, figuring out how to watch them all in one place can be challenging. Why not simplify the experience with a device that seamlessly casts content from your phone, computer, or tablet to your TV, projector, or monitor.

The Galton TV AnyCast Stick is a small, but mighty device that will play media from your mobile device on a larger screen. This is perfect for streaming TV shows, showing off home videos, or even sharing TikToks with your friends and family.

The AnyCast Stick works wirelessly to transfer media and doesn’t require you to download an app or purchase any adaptors. Just plug, connect and mirror to play media on a large screen with Miracast, DLNA, and Airplay mode.

As ownership of Smart TV’s skyrockets, the AnyCast Stick is an easy way to play a variety of media on your TV without making a multi-thousand dollar purchase. Take advantage of this simple and affordable way to upgrade the tech in your living room, giving you a smart home experience.

Not only is this device more affordable than competing models, but it’s not tied to a single streaming service or company. That means you can use it to play unlimited media, not just content from a single provider. Whether you’re meeting virtually or in person, you can use this device to improve your meetings and presentations for work or school. Stream to a projector for PowerPoint presentations or host conference calls streamed to your TV.

For a limited time, the Galton TV AnyCast Stick is on sale for $19.95, making it a perfect gift or addition to your own electronic arsenal. Transform the way you watch TV, movies, internet videos, slideshows, and more for just $20.

Prices subject to change.