Teach your children that learning and reading can be fun with this interactive learning app, now on sale

Keep children busy while you are on Zoom calls.
Keep children busy while you are on Zoom calls. (Homer)

If you love reading and want to pass on that lifelong love of reading to your children, Homer - The #1 Learn to Read App for Kids: 12-Month Subscription is a great place to start, and it’s on sale for a limited time, for only $38.99.

Children learn better when it’s fun, so it’s important to have learning tools that provide them with entertainment that motivates them to want more – and that’s exactly what the Homer Learning App does.

Homer takes kids on a personalized learning journey that grows with them as they build skills for school and life. With over 1,000 lessons, stories, and activities sorted by interest, skill level, and type of learning, Homer delivers playful learning across subjects such as math, reading, creativity, critical thinking, and social skills – all in a personalized way.

The systematic, sequential phonics program provides kids ages 3 to 6 with lessons, then interactive activities, and a review before moving on to the next level all with clear verbal instructions to guide them every step of the way.

When a child starts their journey with Homer, a beautiful map on the main page will welcome them and present all of the options kids can explore: Learn to Read, Story Time, Discover the World, and Homer’s Clubhouse.

Within Discover the World, kids can learn about topics ranging from zoos to the five senses of hearing, smell, touch, sight and taste.

Kids are encouraged throughout the app to draw or voice-record their thoughts about everything they’re learning, and up to three kids can have individual user accounts on one app. Parents can also view the progress of each kid aligned with their parent account.

If you’re not happy with the app, you can cancel your 12-month subscription anytime, but most parents love the Learn with Homer app, and it has earned an amazing 4.5/5 stars on the App Store and 4.2/5 stars on AppGrooves.

If you’re ready to introduce your child to the wonderful world of reading now is a great time to grab Homer - The #1 Learn to Read App for Kids: 12-Month Subscription because it’s now on sale for 67% off, bringing the cost down to only $38.99.

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