This two-sided pillowcase dries your wet hair while you sleep

This innovative pillowcase allows you go to bed even if with wet hair. (Dryzzz)

Showering before bed just makes sense and the only thing that dampens this routine is resting your wet hair on a soft pillow. Wet hair on a pillow is cold and kind it’s like getting water on your sleeve and not being able to change into a dry shirt. If you’re ready to ditch the wet pillowcase but still want to shower at night, the DryZzz: Two-Sided Pillowcase for Wet Hair, is the perfect solution.

Regular pillowcases are the same fabric on each side but the DryZzz’s patented design has two sides. One side is a microfiber towel with a waterproof liner that absorbs moisture from sweat, drool and wet hair and the other side is a regular 100% cotton pillowcase.

All you have to do is flip it!

This standard-sized pillowcase will keep your pillow in great shape too because it’s protecting it from moisture that can produce nasty mold, and mildew and it’s machine washable so you can clean it with your other bedding.

Featured on Good Morning America, Yahoo! Lifestyle, and BuzzFeed and given 4.5/5 stars on Amazon the DryZzz Two-Sided Pillowcase is a dream come true for those that want to shower at night and not worry about their wet hair ruining their dreamy pillow.

Normally, $43, the DryZzz: Two-Sided Pillowcase for Wet Hair Grey 2-Pack is now on sale for only 35.99. You can also get a White Satin Set or a set with cute Sleepy Eyes, all on sale for a limited time.

Prices subject to change