Do your laundry while you’re camping with this portable washing machine

Remote operated and USB-powered, this washer is easy to use and simple to charge. (StackCommerce)

When you’re camping, you can bet that you’re going to end each day looking forward to a clean pair of clothes. When you’re on a long road trip, that might be doubly true. What you can’t necessarily count on when you’re traveling or enjoying nature is easy access to a washer for your clothes. That means you can either pack enough clothes that you’ll have a huge bag of dirty laundry when you next see make it to a machine, or you can find a way to clean your laundry on the go. This Remote Operated Portable Washing Machine lets you wash a small load of laundry with only some detergent and a wet place to put your clothes, and for a limited time, it’s only $42.99 (Reg. $99).

You probably can’t bring your whole Maytag with you on your camping trip, but a bucket is a bit more viable. That’s all this portable washing machine needs to work. Just fill the detergent compartment with your favorite detergents, sanitizer, and other cleaning agents. Then fill a kitchen sink or bucket with water and load everything up. With a max load of about four pounds of thin cloth, you can do a small load of laundry practically anywhere.

Remote operated and USB-powered, this washer is easy to use and simple to charge. Use it anywhere you can connect to a USB port. If you have a portable power source, you’re only bound by where you can find water. It even has a UV light cleaning mode which may help fight bacteria.

On the road or in the wilderness and need clean clothes in a hurry? Stop worrying about where your laundry is going to get done and get this Portable Washing Machine with Remote on sale for a limited time at only $42.99 (Reg. $99).

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