Trick out your computer with the best Microsoft Office apps for only $29.97 ahead of Prime Day

Trick out your computer with a lifetime of all the best Microsoft apps for only $29.97 (via StackCommerce)

Get a lifetime of access to the Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows suite of apps at one of the lowest prices you’ll ever see: only $29.97.

In the world of software, programs are routinely delivered, used, improved upon, and sunset in a matter of 2 or 3 years, often even sooner. Against that hard-churning backdrop, it’s even more remarkable to consider that 35 years after its launch, Microsoft Office is not only still relevant when it comes to productivity apps, it continues to thrive.

Thanks to News4JAX Deal Days (an alternative to Prime Day), Windows users can not only get the full suite of Microsoft Office’s best programs working for them, but with this Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows bundle, they can get it at an outrageously low price at the same time.

Users get access to the complete Microsoft Office suite of beloved apps on one computer with lifetime licenses for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Publisher, and Access on their Windows-based machine.

While you’ve likely been composing reports with Word since grade school, Excel can get you fluent in spreadsheets and nuanced data presentation as you’ve seen before. Meanwhile, PowerPoint Course will help you create clean, visually engaging multimedia presentations, while Outlook will help you tame the chaos that can plague your email inbox.

Along with Teams for all your communication needs, OneNote for your digital organization, Publisher for crafting professional-grade publications, and Access for creating business applications, Office is a huge step up for getting virtually anything done.

One important note is that Microsoft Office 2021 licenses require customers to update their OS to Windows 10 or 11, so make sure you’re able to make that upgrade before you launch Office.

And just so we’re clear…this is Microsoft Office, not Microsoft 365. Unlike that subscription-based service, this license means your computer is loaded with those bedrock apps for as long as your machine survives, with no extra charges.

And you don’t even need a coupon to get this offer during Deals4JAX Deal Days. Right now, you can get a lifetime of Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows at nearly $200 off the regular price for only $29.97. That price is good only until 11:59 p.m. on July 14 before it’s gone.

Prices subject to change.