Back2School: Apps to help your child kick-start the school year

You've heard the warnings about kids and too much screen time. You might throw your children for a loop this week when you hand them your smart phone to play some apps.

Here's a secret: All of the apps KPRC consumer expert Amy Davis is revealing will help children when they head back to school.

Whether you're worried your child has slipped down the summer slide and needs to brush up on last year's skills or you want to get a head start on new lessons, install Quizlet.

Jolynda McGrath uses the app in her classroom at Montgomery High School and at home with her own kids.

"It just kind of depends on what they feel like they need," McGrath said."
Quizlet has more than 150 million flashcard sets on hundreds of topics or you can make your own flashcards, based on what your child is learning.

Davis typed in "first grade sight words" and got loads of flashcards her son can use, along with quizzes to test his knowledge.

Monster Math Flash Cards works the same way, and provides cute animated monsters to cheer your child on.
When your child gets to algebra, geometry and calculus, and you feel less than equipped to help with homework, try the app Photomath.

"Photomath will help check to see if they did the problem right," said Natalie Anderson, who teaches math in the Magnolia Independent School District. "And it will actually walk through the steps. It's a really cool app."

To get help, your child literally takes a picture of the math problem they're working on.

Anderson says don't forget about YouTube.

"If you're struggling on a math concept, because math can be a little tricky, go to YouTube," she said. "YouTube has amazing videos that will walk parents through helping their child with the different skills that they're practicing with their math homework."

Lastly, My Study Life can help your high schooler keep track of assignments, practices, tests and projects all in one place, synching and sending reminders to all of their devices.