Movie Review: 'Maze Runner' changes pace for emotional finale

The 'Death Cure' brings closure to trilogy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" PG-13

Suspense, drama and action are a perfect blend for the third installment of "Maze Runner". Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) has figured out how to escape the utopian prison he and others were trapped in by World Catastrophe Killzone Department (W.C.K.D.), a group that has been testing people searching for a cure to a deadly virus. They know there is a city beyond the walls they have escaped. Thomas vowed in Scorch Trials to save people from W.C.K.D. Now Thomas  and a crew of rebel friends are trying to rescue new prisoners from W.C.K.D. and their friend Minho (Ki Hong Lee) trapped inside of W.C.K.D headquarters. From beginning to end, "The Death Cure" is engaging, emotional and full of action. Watch as survivors rise against the oppressive and ruthless W.C.K.D for their freedom. 

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