Jimmy Fallon uses News4Jax clip in his show... again

It appears the talk show host loves Channel 4

Bruce Hamilton on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night.
Bruce Hamilton on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Local Station appeared on The Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night.

It happened during a segment in which Fallon appeared to poke fun at the coronavirus scare.

Two minutes into the video below Fallon brought up the coronavirus, but took solace in the fact that things “couldn’t possibly get worse.” Enter Bruce Hamilton and the unusual story about herpes-infected monkeys.

This wasn’t the first time News4Jax was featured on the show. Anchor Vic Micolucci had a clip run in a show last year.

In this clip, Vic was reporting on two men who were arrested for trying to get an alligator drunk.

This can be seen around the eight-minute mark.

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