Florida men arrested after baby gator forced to drink Coors Light beer

Timothy Kepke, Noah Osborne face felony charges after Snapchat video


STUART, Fla. – Authorities said they have arrested a Florida man who provoked a small alligator into biting his arm and poured beer into the animal's mouth.

Another man is also facing charges.

Timothy Kepke, 26, of Hobe Sound, and Noah Osborne, 22, of Stuart, are facing third-degree felony charges of unlawful possession of an alligator. 

According to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report, Kepke was seen in a Snapchat video holding the gator in his left hand and allowing the reptile to bite his right forearm. After the gator lets go, Kepke pours beer from a Coors Light can into the gator's mouth.

During an interview with investigators, Kepke admitted that he and Osborne caught the gator in Palm City months ago.

When investigators questioned Osborne, he confessed to catching the gator bare-handed. He said they released the gator alive.

The men were released on bond. Jail records didn't list attorneys for them.