Critics amused by fun, flare from movie studios during awards seasons

Hulu created special brews to send to critics to promote Palm Springs. (WJXT)

The movie awards experience can be crazy for those nominated.

But for critics, it can get even more bizarre. We’re flooded with mail from studios anxious for their movies to be seen.

DVD screeners arrive almost non-stop. As do invites to see the movies via streaming links. Studios also send copies of screenplays, ranging from paperback versions to deluxe, hardcover editions.

For the music and song categories, there are plenty of CDs and vinyl.

Netflix even sent a nice folder, featuring a sheet of music from the “Mank” soundtrack, signed by the composers.

Studio forces are busy at work, sending promotional items almost non-stop. Some are pretty traditional, like caps and T-shirts, but others are much more… original.

“I’m Your Woman” star Rachel Brosnahan sent an alarm clock with a note, saying “Thanks for all the time.”

In “Promising Young Woman,” Carey Mulligan’s character likes to write in her notebook, so Focus Features sent critics their own journals to record their thoughts.

“The United States vs. Billie Holiday” tells the story of the acclaimed singer, known for wearing a gardenia in her hair, so the studio shipped fragrance oil diffusers with the scent of Tahitian gardenia.

“Nomadland” is about a woman on a long road trip, so the studio gave critics posters in the form of a road map, along with matching travel coffee mugs.

“Minari” is about a Korean farmer in America, so what could be more perfect than a set of recipe cards?

In “Palm Springs,” Andy Samberg drinks a lot of “Akupara” beer, so Hulu shipped a four-pack of specially-created brewskis to critics.

Bill Murray’s character in “On the Rocks” is a big fan of martinis, so the studio created a gift box with a bottle of vodka and gin, along with a martini recipe on the back.

“Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen not only made a direct appeal for awards consideration, but also did a public service, sending out some personal protective equipment.

But perhaps some of the cleverest items came from the producers of the animated short film “Windup.”

The gift box included a miniature music player, a Bento box, tea bags and teabag holders, and two fortune cookies with a fortune asking for some awards love.