Facts about past U.S. presidents that will blow your mind

Did you know all this about these presidents?

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It’s not all about policies, campaigning and fighting with other politicians.

Throughout history, presidents also have had some personality quirks and wild incidents that have made them a part of history for more than just the fact they held the Oval Office.

Here are interesting facts about past presidents in U.S. history.

A bathroom break saved Lyndon Johnson’s life.

An officer in the Naval Reserve during World War II, Johnson was scheduled to go on a bomber flight in the Pacific Ocean. But then, nature called at what turned out to be a miraculously opportune time.

Johnson had to go to the bathroom so bad that he stepped off the plane, and by the time he was done, it had already taken off. The plane, called the Wabash Cannonball, ended up being shot down by Japanese forces in New Guinea, according to history.com.

Everyone on board the plane died.

Abraham Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler.

Hulk Hogan, eat your heart out.

When he was growing up in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln was evidently not a guy to mess with. He reportedly was only defeated one time in an estimated 300 matches, according to history.com.

For his wrestling achievements, Lincoln was enshrined into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1992.

Grover Cleveland served non-consecutive terms.

Cleveland was elected president in 1884, but then was defeated in his re-election bid in 1888 by Benjamin Harrison.

After four years as a private citizen, Cleveland ran again in 1892 and was re-elected.

He is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.

Did Zachary Taylor die after eating cherries?

The 12th president, Taylor died on July 9, 1850, just days after suddenly getting sick.

Celebrating the Fourth of July, Taylor came down with an intestinal ailment after reportedly consuming infected food and drinks. Taylor supposedly consumed bacteria present in water or iced milk he drank, but others said he became sick after eating cherries combined with milk, according to history.com.

Andrew Jackson’s foul-mouthed parrot

Following the death of his wife, Rachel, Jackson became the primary caretaker of her parrot, Poll.

When Jackson died, the parrot evidently tried to pay tribute to Jackson in the best way it knew how: By swearing up a storm at the funeral.

The parrot was swearing so loudly and so much that it had to be escorted away from the service, according to an article on medium.com.

So, how did this parrot become such a potty mouth? It’s pretty obvious it learned what it knew from its master, given Jackson’s propensity to cuss.

In addition to all the above interesting facts about past U.S. presidents, below are some more.

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