7-year-old girl crafts tiny face mask for the Tooth Fairy

HOLLAND, Mich. – A 7-year-old in Michigan came up with a cute idea to help protect the tooth fairy from the coronavirus.

Evolette Westhouse asked her mom to make the tooth fairy a mask.

Her mom says the hardest part was handling with something so small -- and making the creases just right.

But it most have worked -- because Evolette got a whole dollar under her pillow!

Here is why Evolette was so concerned for the tooth fairy:

  • She has to enter my 6ft bubble to get the tooth from under my pillow.
  • This tooth has been in my mouth, where all the germs are.
  • What if she comes to my house, and then goes to another kids house? Then that kid has MY germs too.
  • What else do you have to do tonight?

This pandemic season has been filled with moments of "whep, never thought I would be doing this..." Newly added to the...

Posted by Kayla Westhouse on Friday, May 8, 2020

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