$1 million treasure hidden for 10 years in Rocky Mountains found

350,000 people hunted for treasure, collector says

Treasure Chest (Pixabay)
Treasure Chest (Pixabay)

There's gold in them thar hills. No seriously -- there is or there was.

A treasure chest estimated to be worth over a million dollars hidden in the Rocky Mountains for a decade has finally been found.

It was hidden there by art and antiquities collector Forrest Fenn.

He used it to create a treasure hunt to inspire people to explore nature and give hope to those affected by the great recession.

Fenn left clues to the treasure's location in a poem published in his 2010 autobiography.

He announced Sunday the treasure had been found.

He told the Santa Fe New Mexican that the man who found the chest a few days ago wants to say anonymous.

Fenn estimates that up to 350,000 people from all over the world hunted for the treasure.

He says some quit their jobs, and a few even died.