LISTEN: 11 real pieces of practical advice that I use, almost daily

This podcast is honestly invaluable

Do you have a favorite podcast?
Do you have a favorite podcast? (Abhilash Sahoo/Pexels stock image)

When it comes to advice, I like snippets. Rather than rambling stories and cliche anecdotes, I just want to hear something that rings true and do-able, that I can take away and start using, preferably today.

I’m here to tell you that “The Best Advice Show” is a delightful podcast that’s changed how I think about a number of things -- and it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving, delivering daily episodes, only a few minutes long, Monday through Friday. For real, my friends are probably SO SICK of hearing me go on and on about the latest thing I’ve learned. But it’s incredible.

And really, the show just might help you get through a rough 2020. Each episode offers a new “expert source,” who tells host Zak Rosen what he or she does to survive these strange times.

Some lessons are absolutely pandemic-related. Others are timeless. Some are deep and thoughtful. Others might be about how to best reheat your leftovers.

As someone who listens to, and writes about, the show regularly, I’d love to share exactly why it’s so life-changing. I’m going to tell you just a little bit from personal experience, and then I’ll include each episode, below, if you’re so inclined to learn more.

Happy listening, and be sure to tell a friend!

1. If you can do something in less than a minute, just do it. Right now.

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