‘The act wasn’t meant for anybody to see’: Firefighters show incredible kindness to family, dying dog in final days

Rascall. (Clinton Petersen)

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. They bring so much joy to our lives. So when Clinton and Audrey Petersen’s dog Rascall became terminally ill, the couple wanted to do everything they could to make the beloved pet’s last days special.

In fact, the act of kindness one Jacksonville Fire Department station showed them was so meaningful that Clinton reached out to us to share his story.

But let’s back up, because although Rascall and Clinton had a bond, it didn’t begin that way.

The meeting and bonding

The Petersens, who now reside in Jacksonville, Florida, were living in California a few years ago, as Audrey was stationed there for the United States National Guard.

“A family member of (Audrey’s) had Rascall, and it was originally meant to be a temporary thing (for us to keep him),” Clinton said. “It was a family friend’s dog. They were going to come back to get Rascall and they never did.”

Clinton said he and Audrey had previously discussed getting a therapy dog for post-traumatic stress disorder. And although Clinton said Rascall basically attacked him during their first meeting, he realized quickly that it was the dog’s way of protecting the people who were around him. And Clinton soon became one of those people.

So the couple ended up taking him in, and Clinton couldn’t quite express how grateful he was for that decision.

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