This dude with a sign is getting his voice ‘heard’ in the most hilarious way

A guy laughing. (Photo by Jonathon Burton from Pexels.)

There’s been a lot going in the world lately.

Some people gather in crowds to do peaceful protesting when it’s a topic they’re passionate about. Some people voice their opinions on social media.

There are a lot of ways to take a stance on matters, but one man has taken his own unique approach -- and people everywhere seem to appreciate what he’s doing.

Seth, who’s also known as @dudewithsign on Instagram, just simply stands with a sign, on which he has written his opinion about something.

The topics vary, but they’re usually lighthearted and, at times, might go against the grain of what might be deemed popular (we’ll let you decide).

We’ll just say, he does have a point in many of these -- and we think you’ll likely agree on a lot of these topics.

Check out some of his hilarious signs below.

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