🔒 Local ways to celebrate National Hamburger Day

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Guten Tag, News4JAX Insiders.

May 28 is National Hamburger Day in the U.S. but according to Wikipedia, this staple of Americana (what’s more us than a good ‘ole fashioned juicy burger on the grill?) got its start in ancient Rome before being popularized in the states by German immigrants in New York City who hailed from the port city of Hamburg.

Fun fact: Burger King got it’s start in Florida. There are actually conflicting reports that it began as Insta-Burger King righter here in Jacksonville in 1953. The company says it was started in Miami in 1954. I guess the truth is lost to history.

No matter where the burger or one of its most popular stores actually originated, there’s no debating whether they are tasty.

Jules Winnfield in "Pulp Fiction" will tell you: burgers are tasty.

Hamburgers are so good, that Americans consume about 50 billion of the patties each year. That’s billion...with a ‘b’.

So where can you celebrate National Hamburger Day? Check out the where the locals say you can get the best burger with our JaxBest list of top local burger joints.

And here’s where the News4JAX Team enjoys their ground round:

🍔 Tom Wills: Wendy’s single with cheese all the way. Tastes great and excellent value.

🍔 Mary Baer: Danggggg now yer makin’ me hangry! I love a Loop Burger IF they have a wheat bun...yummm. But, BurgerFi does a great burger with a lettuce wrap “bun”! And I can’t miss the fries with vinegar!

🍔 Jen Waugh: Beyond Burgers are my favorite with ketchup and Dijon mustard 😁

🍔 Bruce Hamilton: Burger Fi. They don’t get their buns in an uproar when I ask them to prepare them to my liking. And it’s always burger fine! Consequently, their employees never find themselves in a pickle or having to play catch-up with other customers’ orders.

🍔 Richard Nunn: Pinegrove Market and Deli. Why? Because it’s the best. Fresh ground, cooked to order.

🍔 Cole Pepper: Pinegrove Market and Deli

🍔 Jamal St. Cyr: Easy choice for me. I love Epik Burger! They have a ton of options if you like to get crazy with your burgers as I do. And don’t even get me started on their fries! Perfect combination.

🍔 Justin Barney: Sheik. Cheeseburger with ketchup, mayo, pickle. Been eating this same burger since I moved here in 1979.

🍔 Kent Justice: For me, it’s the Cross-Fit Burger at M Shack. A buddy wants to meet for a quick bite? … let’s get the Cross-Fit. It solves my keto-friendly wish, and it’s a filler, and it tastes so good. Gluten-Free isn’t me for every meal or Paleo, but it’s both of those and amazing.

🍔 Scott Johnson: Chili burger wherever I can find one. Willie’s Wee-Née Wagon in Brunswick.

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