Northern lights can be viewed roughly 200 times a year at this resort

A trip to Finland can give you unprecedented access to these views

Courtesy photo. (Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort)

If you’re a fan of the northern lights and you can get there, you might want to book a trip to Finland sometime in the near future.

Way up in the northern part of the country — which is at a point that’s north of of Iceland — is the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, which offers something few spots in the world can.

Yes, it’s brutally cold there — temperatures can fall to as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter — but it can be a paradise if you enjoy the northern lights.

The resort features igloos with clear glass windows and other types of rooms that allow you to view the northern lights as you sleep or lounge.

Courtesy photo. (Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort)

No matter when you book, chances are you’ll see the northern lights, given they appear roughly 200 days a year at this spot in the world.

The igloos are built with a special thermal glass that keeps rooms well-heated inside and protects the windows from frosting over, according to

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Courtesy photo. (Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort)

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