Wine advent calendars coming soon to an Aldi store near you

Advent calendar contains 6 bottles worth of wine

Photo: Aldi
Photo: Aldi

It's the 2018 advent calendar that will help you countdown to Christmas and to bring good holiday cheer, Aldi has replaced the traditional chocolate... with wine. 

The supermarket chain first debuted the calendars in the UK last year and have expanded to US markets, WAVY reports. 

The supermarket chain announced the Wine Advent Calendar will contain 24 mini-bottles of wine. It will be a mix of red, white, rosé and fizz, Food and Wine said. 

The advent calendar costs $69.99 -- but is totally worth it. 

Food and Wine says the box contains the equivalent of over six bottles worth of wine.  

The calendar will be available at Aldi stores in the U.S. starting Nov. 7, WAVY reports. 

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