Company wants to give America 1 million candy bars if Halloween date is changed

Snickers wants Halloween to be the last Saturday of October

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Petitions to move Halloween from Oct. 31 to the last Saturday of the month are gaining steam, and it looks like Snickers really wants the petition to gain support with lawmakers.

The candy bar company took to social media to tell America that if the government officially changed the date of Halloween to the last Saturday of October, it would offer 1 million Snickers to Americans everywhere. 

The petition has over 138,000 signatures, just a couple thousand short of its goal. 

Most of the support for the petition has to do with increasing the safety and fun on Halloween night.

The petition cites there are 3,800 Halloween-related injuries a year. It's not clear if moving the holiday to Saturday would decrease the number of injuries, but the petition does say it would add another day of celebration instead of a rushed weekday. 

As for Snickers, some people called the company out on social media, saying they were supportive of the petition so they could sell more candy on a weekend Halloween night, with some vowing to boycott the candy bars. 


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