Want a free pumpkin spice doughnut from Krispy Kreme? This offer will crack you up

Company asks, 'Have you encountered a disappointing pumpkin spice product?'

First things first: This week only at Krispy Kreme, the company is offering its pumpkin spice original glazed doughnut and a brand-new pumpkin spice-filled doughnut, which is allegedly bursting with cheesecake "kreme."

Sounds good.

These are only available through Sunday, so if they sound even remotely delicious, we advise snagging one sooner rather than later.

But here's the part that makes us laugh.

"With so many pumpkin spice products hitting the scene – from hummus to doggie treats – some have gone too far," the company said on its website. "Have you encountered a disappointing pumpkin spice product? For one week only, you can bring any pumpkin spice letdown to a Krispy Kreme shop near you and trade it for one of our delicious doughnut versions for FREE."

It's essentially a pumpkin spice purchase protection offer. And we're here for it.

We just hope you're not disappointed by your PS-flavored Krispy Kreme doughnut. What would they do in a situation like that? (Kidding).

That "pumpkin spice letdown" trade is only available for one doughnut per person, now through Sunday, at all participating Krispy Kreme locations throughout the U.S. excluding Uncasville, Connecticut and Kahului, Hawaii shops.

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