Bra designed to protect from radiation exposure


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – What does a hazmat suit and a bra made by a company in South Florida have in common? Believe it or not they both can protect the body from harmful radiation.

"It was interesting to me because I travel so much and then I tried it on. I loved it. It was great,"said Rosemary Staltare.

 It's called the Demron Bra, made in South Florida by Radiation Shield Technologies.

"Our focus has always been hazmat, medical and so forth, so on the consumer side of things, it's kind of a new experience for us," said Ron DeMeo, the creator of the Demron Bra.

What it does is protect the breast from external radiation: everything from x-ray equipment to nuclear blasts.

what we've realized is the chest wall is a good protector of xray but the organs that are outside the chest wall are more radio-sensitive," said DeMeo.

Just like Demron's hazmat suits,  the bra is made from metal. But you'd never know it by the lightweight feel.

"It's a nice forming bra. It gives it a unique lift," said DeMeo. "I think the metal in the bra gives it unique characteristics that normal foam bra's just don't have."

For frequent flyer Rosemary Staltare, who has a family history of cancer,  this bra ... and the matching panties are now wardrobe basics.

"I have the entire line, I'm addicted to the Demron Bra," she said.

The bra, which costs $69 dollars, was originally developed for women going through a form of breast cancer treatment that made them radioactive. It was intended to shield them from others. Then DeMeo says he realized it could work the other way around. The bra is not marketed to *prevent* breast cancer, but they can reduce the risk that can result from radiation exposure.