Father says restaurant served his children alcohol

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – A father said a restaurant served his young children alcohol.

Scottie Barnett said he took his three children, ages nine, 10 and 11, to an Applebee’s in Johnson City, Tennessee. The children ordered root beer to drink and Barnett said all three were given bottles of Not Your Father’s Root Beer.  Barnett looked at the bottles and saw the drink contained about six percent alcohol. He said he then told the waitress about the mix-up.

"I immediately told my kids to stop drinking the alcoholic beverage and brought it to her attention,” Barnett said. “And she said 'no, no, it's root beer'. I said 'no it's not'.”

Barnett said his nine-year-old had to be taken to a hospital to be treated for stomach pains. The child is expected to be okay. A restaurant spokesperson said the server who provided the drinks has been suspended. Workers at the restaurant will also be re-trained.

Police were called to the restaurant, but no charges were filed. Officers say it was an unfortunate mistake, but no crime was committed.