Dominos Pizza on 103rd Street back open after closure due to roaches

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JACKSONVILLE, Fl – A pizza place on the Westside was shut down for a few hours because of roaches found in the kitchen.  It happened at a Dominos Pizza on the west side on 103rd Street. Managers say they've made a lot of improvements recently.

Channel 4's cameras were asked to leave the Dominos Pizza on 103rd Street, south of Herlong Airport.  The manager did talk with me briefly off camera suggesting I give the corporate office a call. 

We wanted to know about the latest inspection that showed roaches were found last week on the floor under the clean dish racks and then two bugs were seen on gaskets in the reach in cooler. Those bugs forced the restaurant to temporarily close.  

Customer Chris Dockery said he was surprised to hear about the bugs.

"I didn't know about it. Like I said I've always had a great experience there and not a single problem," Dockery said.

Dockery works nearby and goes in at least once a month. He said it looks clean especially with an open kitchen where you can see much of the restaurant as soon as you come in.  He said he'll still eat at the restaurant.

"I've never had a bad experience there, everything is great," Dockery said.

I called the corporate office to get more answers. Peggy Richards is the company director and she sent me a statement.

"Last week the health inspector visited the store in question.  We are currently in the process of re-imaging our lobby.  It was during this construction process that he noticed evidence of insects and a piece of malfunctioning equipment.  Within three hours of the initial visit, we were cleared to reopen. The health department has been back two subsequent times and we passed both times.  We take quality and cleanliness seriously and are working towards providing our customers with a beautiful restaurant to enjoy dining in or carrying out," says Richards.

Richards pointed out what we saw when we were there. The restaurant was recently under construction. 

The inspector did open the restaurant back up after a few hours but still came back two days later to make sure everything was up to par.  

On that third visit there were still some temperature issues, so the inspector came back a fourth time.  This time there were no critical violations and it met inspection standards.

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