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Local eye doctor warns of ‘dangerous' Halloween contact lenses

100,000 pairs were not approved by the FDA in 2016

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With Halloween quickly approaching, federal authorities warn against dangers of decorative contact lenses. 

Every year, people purchase decorative contact lenses to put the finishing touches on their Halloween costumes. 

The American Association of Ophthalmology is warning individuals to never purchase these contact lenses without a prescription – not only because it's dangerous for inexperienced contact lens wearers, but also because it's illegal. 

In the video above, Dr. Ravi Patel of Florida Eye Specialist discusses the dangers posed by decorative lenses this Halloween season, as well as offer tips on how to properly care for contact lenses.

In 2016 an investigation found over 100,000 pairs were not approved by the FDA.

The counterfeit and unapproved contact lenses were tested and revealed high levels of bacteria that could cause significant health problems, FDA said. 

VIDEO: Halloween contact lenses danger

“A valid prescription helps ensure consumers get contact lenses that are determined to be safe and effective by the FDA. Without it, people can risk serious eye injuries or loss of eyesight for one night of fun,” said George M. Karavetsos, Director, FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations. 


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