Stretch Zone opens on First Coast

Business shows benefits of good stretch

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A new business on the First Coast that claims to enhance physical and athletic skills, increase the range of motion and relieve stiffness and soreness. 

It's often advised to stretch after a workout. Physical therapist and Stretch Zone owner Donne Ordile says everyone should be stretching every day.

"Everybody should be stretching.  It helps with all types of mobility. It lubricates our joints and helps with our posture.  It helps with injury prevention. Hips, shoulders and knees all need to be stretched," Ordile said.

Clients are paired with a technician who uses a strap to help position and stabilize their body.

"In this environment, we can really target the muscles that need to be stretched with the patented strapping system.  It's almost like having a third and a fourth hand, so we can isolate specific muscles and stretch them.  We can really get deeper in there," Ordile said.

You start with a light stretch for about two to three seconds. The technician will then push you a little more and then a third time, going deeper each time.

"When you get stretched, you're working around all the muscles that are around one joint.  We're stretching around that joint, lubricating inside that joint and getting more movement around that joint," Ordile said.

Ordile says stretching is different than massage because it gets deep into the muscles. It allows your body to not only feel better, but lead a more active lifestyle.

Stretch Zone is located at Jacksonville Beach and also in Ponte Vedra.  Click here for more information: Jacksonville Beach location | Ponte Vedra Location.

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