Pediatrics group: Benefits of going to school in person outweigh COVID-19 risks

The American Academy of Pediatrics has concerns about students learning remotely and are pushing for them to return to the classroom.

The group of doctors worry that remote learning could contribute to severe learning loss and increased social isolation. It believes minority communities and vulnerable populations would be affected the most.

The guidance from the academy on returning to in-person schooling includes physical distancing, cleaning and disinfection, hand washing and using outdoor spaces whenever possible. The group argues that masks are probably not practical for children younger than middle school age, unless they can wear one without touching their face more.

Dr. Carolina Ceron-Canas, with Ceron Pediatrics, is concerned about children contracting the coronavirus and spreading it to vulnerable populations, but she also believes children in general are vulnerable when staying at home with limited social interaction.

“It has been extraordinarily stressful and for children who don’t have those coping mechanisms and what they thrive on and what they go on is the physical contact and social interaction,” Ceron-Canas said.

The guidelines to not address the health concerns of teachers or their willingness to return to in-person teaching. Statistics show almost 1/3 of teachers rae older than 50, putting them in a higher risk category.

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