Mindful snacking while working from home

File photo of healthy snacks (Copyright 2021 by Cleveland Clinic News Service. All rights reserved.)

Working from home can definitely have its perks — but it can also create some bad habits, like snacking throughout the day.

In fact, doctors have noticed an increase in the amount of people experiencing weight gain.

“It makes sense. We are just feet from our kitchen and not only that, we are home and we are feeling stressed, bored and lonely,” said Susan Albers, PsyD, of Cleveland Clinic. “So, this is an increase in emotional eating, stress eating and a lot of mindless snacking.”

Dr. Albers says that’s why it’s important to practice mindful eating.

To help do that, she says you’ll want to remember the ‘three S’s.’

First, sit down while you eat. Studies have shown people eat 5% less when they’re sitting at an actual table.

Next — slowly chew, meaning take your time and savor each bite.

And finally, stop what you’re doing. It may be easier to eat while you work but it should be avoided.

“A lot of people use their desk as a dining room table. Instead, think of location, location, location. Pick a snack spot and when you have a snack, it’s fine to have a snack, just stop what you’re doing and move to that spot and that’s where you have your snack,” said Dr. Albers. “Psychologists call that localizing a behavior, so we’re not snacking at all different times in many different locations.”

Dr. Albers says you should also make sure you’re actually hungry and not just bored, or stressed before grabbing that next snack.

As for snack ideas — she says oranges, pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts are all great options.