4 Your Smile: Busting myths, sharing secrets to teeth whitening

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – All this week on The Morning Show, we’ve been unlocking the secrets 4 Your Smile -- to help you get cleaner, healthier teeth without spending a lot of money.

While many of us dread trips to the dentist, regular office visits are important. But it’s what we do in between those visits that can make our experience in the chair so much better.

We’ve broken it down step by step each day, from which products to use to the importance of flossing to the causes and consequences of teeth grinding.

We finished the series Thursday with a live interview on The Morning Show with Ponte Vedra Beach dentist Dr. Pauline Le. (Press play above to watch the interview.)

She joined us to discuss the myths surrounding teeth whitening and how to reduce sensitivity when you’re whitening your teeth.

She explained there are several tiers to teeth whitening:

  1. Whitening pens
  2. Over-the-counter strips
  3. Custom trays with bleaching gel
  4. In-office whitening.

Complete Coverage of 4 Your Smile

Information about teeth clenching and grinding is part of our series this week on The Morning Show: 4 Your Smile.

  • Monday, we helped you choose the best products for a cleaner and healthier mouth -- breaking down options for toothpaste, toothbrushes and floss.
  • Tuesday, we focused on how flossing is not only important for your dental hygiene but also for your heart.
  • Wednesday, we showed you how stress can lead to teeth grinding and that dentists are seeing more and more cases of it. We also shared the big problem you could face if left untreated.

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