Beating summer boredom: Healthy ways to keep your children entertained

Now that school is out for the summer, a lot of parents are probably starting to hear their kids complain that they’re bored.

Thankfully, Dr. Gina Robinson, pediatrician for Cleveland Clinic Children’s, has some healthy tips to keep them entertained.

“Going to the park, going to the playground, swimming, a lot of communities have pools that are open and available during the summer, the zoo is a great option,” Robinson recommended.

Robinson said it’s important for kids to get outside and be active. It’s not only great for their health but helps with socialization too.

Many kids were isolated during the pandemic and spent a lot of time on screens. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, today’s children spend an average of seven hours a day using entertainment media -- like television, computers, phones and other electronic devices.

Robinson said there are always free activities going on during the summer, so parents can be on the lookout on social media. There are also mom groups available with tons of suggestions.

She adds that reading is a great option as well.

“Reading is always great and it’s nice because you can kind of mix two things, maybe take a walk to the library to get your books and walk back home so you get some exercise and you get your books at the same time. And I always stress to kids that the nice thing about reading in the summer is that you don’t have to read an assigned book,” said Robinson.

Robinson said it’s also important for parents to be good role models and spend time with their kids instead of just sending them out to play on their own.