🍟 FRY-DAY! FRY-DAY! Local spots to feast

We’d love to hear your recommendations, too


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s the best Fry-day on the calendar.

July 14 is National French Fry Day and we’re looking for the best places in our area to take part in those salty strings of deliciousness.

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⬇️ Please drop a comment at the bottom of the story with your favorite fry joint. Here are some of our recommendations:

🍟 TOM WILLS: Wendy’s Baconator fries (so good and fattening they should be illegal!)

🍟 TIFFANY SALAMEH: Dockside Seafood

🍟 RICHARD NUNN: If I’m going to indulge it’s either Five Guys or Ted’s Montana

🍟 JAMAL ST. CYR: Epik Burger

🍟 KATIE GARNER: I’m still new so I haven’t found the perfect French fry yet, so, please share your favorites!