Best group outing: St. Augustine Wild Reserve

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – If it sounds familiar, St. Augustine Wild Reserve has been your choice for the best animal encounter. Now, it’s taking top honors as best place for a group outing.

The reserve was founded to provide a home for unwanted and abused exotic animals, and the facility does not breed big cats at the facility. The animals will remain at the sanctuary throughout their life.

The non-profit has been around since June 1995, and it was created as a rescue center. According to its bio, Deborah Warrick, the founder, has a unique skill that allows her to understand behavioral characteristics of animals. She has over 35 years of experience working with exotic animals.

The facility cares for about 90 animals including African lions, tigers, coyotes, leopards and jaguars, to name a handful. All of the big cats are fed along the tour.

Tours are offered at various times and dates of the week, and some are by appointment only. Head to the reserve’s website to book online.

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