One-eyed cat in pirate outfit becomes Internet star

'Sir Stuffingto' brought to shelter near death


PORTLAND, Ore. – Move over grumpy cat! There's a new cat in town and he has gone from near death to one of the hottest trending pages on Facebook in just a matter of days.

Reports say earlier this month, Sir Stuffington was taken to the Mulntomah County Animal Services shelter in pretty bad shape. His jaw was damaged, his eye was missing and his body was covered in fleas and dirt.

A shelter employee is taking care of him and his two brothers for a couple of months until he is healthy enough for adoption.

"He is a great save and he's a great ambassador for getting the message out that shelters do save lives. Fosters do make a difference. And that's what we're about is saving lives" said shelter worker Roberta Ruble told KOIN-TV.