Woman goes viral after updating her Facebook profile picture

It's the funniest thing we've seen all month

Wendy Lange

IOWA – We get it. You'd rather be in Florida. 

An older Iowa woman has gone viral after her plea for someone to buy her house went viral. 

The self-promotion profile photo reads: "I HATE IOWA PLEASE BUY MY HOUSE!" The hilarious photo of her sitting in the snow in front of her house has been shared over 9,200 times. 

We tried to dig deeper into who the woman was, but had no luck. 

Comments on the photo have been disabled and we don't really know who Wendy is or WHY the post went viral. 

Wendy Lange has only 10 friends on Facebook. We don't even know what city she lives in or how much the house is selling for. 

The only thing we do know... is that she wants out of Iowa. 

About the Author:

Carianne Luter is a social media producer for News4Jax and has worked at Channel 4 since December 2015. She graduated from the University of North Florida with a communication degree.