Want to support your favorite local eatery? Try Take Out Bingo!

Help a local business by playing Take Out Bingo
Help a local business by playing Take Out Bingo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Maybe you’re realizing you’re tired of your own cooking, maybe you need new ideas for take out spots or maybe you just want to do your part to support local businesses.

Whatever the reason, Take Out Bingo Jax could be the answer.

The initiative highlights two dozen local eateries by arranging them in a grid -- Bingo style. These are some of the businesses trying to get creative as they navigate the statewide ban on eating in at restaurants.

DOWNLOAD: Take Out Bingo Jax playing card

All you have to do to play is track which spots you’ve ordered take out from on the grid and when you get a Bingo, visit takeoutbingojax.com to let them know.

It’s all on the honor system, so no cheating now -- not that you would, of course. Where’s the fun in that?

Every Bingo (only one allowed per person) wins a free Burnie Grill & Burnie-Q Folding Grate, while supplies last. It’s an all-wood self-burning grill worth $13. More info at: www.burniegrill.com.

Restaurants can add their own incentives too. Visit TakeOutBingoJax.com for a list of additional restaurant coupons, which is updated regularly.

Share your Bingo on their Instagram page by tagging @TakeOutBingoJax or using the hashtag #takeoutbingojax. Let your favorite local restaurant see your support by tagging them, too!

“We’ll play until the ban’s lifted!” the organizers said.

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