Last day to save with Florida’s back-to-school sales tax holiday

Florida's 10-day tax-free holiday lets moms and dads avoid paying sales taxes on back-to-school items such as clothes, notebooks and even computers.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida parents can save big on their back-to-school supply lists when the state’s 10-day sales tax holiday kicks off. It runs through Monday.

There are some restrictions that parents need to know so there isn’t any confusion when they get their receipts after shopping. But there are ways to still save money. Here’s a breakdown.

Things that are tax-free include:

  • Any clothes, shoes or accessories that are $60 or less
  • All school supplies $15 or less
  • Computers up to the first $1,000

FULL LIST: What’s eligible for the back-to-school sales tax break

You will be taxed on any athletic gear, duffel bags, luggage, jewelry, sunglasses -- except prescriptions -- umbrellas and watches.

When it comes to school shopping this year, some of the items in high demand are primary composition notebooks for kids starting kindergarten and first grade, the typical notebooks -- both wide ruled and college ruled -- and pep rally binders. That is according to Dana Ottomeyer, the general manager at a Staples store in Orange Park.

“A lot of post-it notes [topped my list],” said music teacher Melanie Card. “[I also had to] replenish markers and erasers. Some of the regulars.”

“[My list had] mainly just binders and folders. that’s it basically it,” said rising sixth-grader Jazmin Columbus. “[I also had to get] pens, post-it notes and expo markers.

Parents are able to find their child’s school supply list online.

Ottomeyer and Card said more and more people are opting to shop online for back-to-school needs, which is a newer trend.

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“I didn’t necessarily need to do a whole lot of restocking this year,” Card said. “A lot of our supply we actually did at the end of last school year before we were into this rush time that we’re in right now.”

She still has some more shopping to do for her classroom and can save some money when she checks off her lists during the tax-free holiday.

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