Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Making the most out of holiday deals

Those big holiday shopping days are quickly approaching, and something called Artists Sunday may impact your shopping decisions.

Those big holiday shopping days are quickly approaching. Last year, Black Friday was the second-largest online spending day in U.S. history behind Cyber Monday in 2019! And how will something called Artists Sunday impact your shopping decisions?

Here’s how to make the most out of the holiday deals.

Experts say Black Friday is better for “big ticket” items like TVs, toys, gaming consoles, and appliances. Business Insider reports that on Cyber Monday we should expect to see deep discounts on laptops, travel, and clothing.

Experts advise if you see a deal, snag it right then. If you find a better deal later, ask the original store to match the price, return it, or cancel the order. Most orders won’t even ship during the weekend which makes it easy to cancel.

Also, check out Small Business Saturday, Nov. 27. It’s a great way to give local stores the financial help they may need.

And new this year: Artists Sunday, promoting local artists in your community in what may become the largest art shopping day of the year. You can find out which local artists are participating by going to

But don’t get stressed if you don’t snag the deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In reality, the deals last for at least a week. One more thing, Consumer Reports is telling people to start your online shopping early this year as retailers are expected to encounter shipping delays.