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Alleged Fake Cop Arrested, Accused Of Rape

Man Accused Of Posing As Police Officer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – At first glace, the flashing lights on the car of a man accused of being a phony officer even fooled police. It wasn't until later that investigators learned that impersonating an officer was not the only crime of which the man was accused.

Mark Thompson is facing not only facing a charge of falsely impersonating an officer, but also a charge of sexual battery.

Jacksonville police pulled over Thompson's car during a traffic stop. They said that's when they found everything from police blue and red lights on the dash of his Chevy Impala to a badge in his wallet.

Thompson's neighbors told Channel 4 the man often pretended to be a real officer and that he would pull people over.

"He do stuff like, put the blue light on people and pull them over. I don't know what goes on from there. You know, he pulled me over once," said neighbor Rachelle Sutton.

In addition to the flashing lights, which were similar to those on an undercover cop car, police said Thompson also had a star shaped badge, a glock-23 handgun, two pairs of handcuffs, four police ball caps and a hat with the words "Police Officer."

After arresting Thompson on March 20, detectives visited the used car dealership where he works and found more troubling evidence -- a bulletproof vest that belongs to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Police said Thompson also kidnapped and raped a 23-year-old woman who tried to buy a car from the dealership. According to his arrest report, Thompson demanded sexual favors from the victim in exchange for the car.

The report stated, "When she refused, he pulled out his gun and put it on the dashboard. He then took his pants down and exposed his penis. The victim was scared of being shot and agreed to have sex with the suspect on the condition that the suspect take the victim back to the dealership."

Thompson is facing several felonies including falsely personating an officer, kidnapping and sexual battery.