Haleigh Book Promises 'Shocking Truth'

Minnesota Resident Writes First Book On Fla. Missing Girl Case

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. – Nearly two years after Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her Putnam County home, a Minnesota man has written the first book on the case that made national headlines.

The book's title promises to reveal the "Shocking Truth" about the case.

The author, Timothy Holmseth, has been looking into the case and was interviewed by the FBI so investigators could find out what he learned. The book covers the details he told to the FBI about what happened to the missing 5-year-old girl, who investigators have presumed dead.

Holmseth claims in his more than 200 page book that "nobody's hand's are clean" in this case, including deputies, family members and attorneys, adding that investigators neglected leads in the case.


Holmseth said he also believes Haleigh could be alive, and that he thinks she was at least alive until Feb. 10, 2010, and was just being passed around through the family.

Holmseth considers himself a freelance writer and said he wrote the book to get the message out about what has happened in the ongoing case. Putnam County sheriff's deputies said they have no comment about the book, and one deputy said, "Some people will do anything to make a buck."

The book cost about $5,000 to print and is being sold for $19 on Amazon.com.