No charges in Memorial Day brawl at Jacksonville Beach

(Image from Facebook video posted by LeBron PowerMoves Zay)

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – No charges are being filed at this time in the Memorial Day brawl at Jacksonville Beach.

Police said the case has been suspended pending the development of any further leads or identifications.

Investigators with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department said the victims in the fight have not been cooperating with them, and without their testimony, detectives say it's extremely hard to press criminal charges, even though there is cellphone video evidence.

A brawl involving several people caused police to totally shut down the Memorial Day festivities, sending thousands of people home early.

The melee broke out at the Sea Walk Pavilion, not far from the Jacksonville Beach pier, in the early evening. Video posted on social media sites shows multiple people involved in the last of the fights, then one man is thrown to the ground and several other men punching and kicking him, even jumping on top of him.

Witnesses said those throwing punches and kicking others all appeared to be younger than 18.

Dozens of police rushed to the area to try and control the crowd. Officers closed down roads from First to Fourth Avenues North and made everyone in sight leave the beach and kept a heavy police presence on the streets and near the pier until almost midnight.

Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Patrick Dooley said the man one the ground in the video suffered a dislocated shoulder. He said it was unclear what the fights were all about.