Teacher holds shoot-a-thon to fund computers

Andrew Jackson teacher trying to raise $10K to buy students laptops

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An Andrew Jackson High School teacher is holding a basketball shoot-a-thon Saturday, trying to gather money to buy computers for his students, many of whom don't have the resources at home.

Dewitt Robinson, a history teacher, shooting hoops for 10 hours straight in hopes of raising $10,000 so he can buy a laptop for each student in his class.

He's trying to make a difference, one basket at a time.

The American history and SAT prep teacher is aiming for the future, trying to give his students a fair shot with 26 computers to use in class.

"More than anything it's about helping my students to get the technology resources that they need," Robinson said. "It's not just about having the newest and coolest gadgets, but more importantly it's about boosting student engagement. And when students are engaged, they're achievement increases."

Robinson admitted Saturday morning that not all the shots were going in at the shoot-a-thon, but said that's not the point.

He took on the mission thinking it'd be fun.  Ten hours of shooting non-stop might sound easy, but Robinson says it's not.

"I'll be honest with you," Robinson said. "My right arm is starting to tighten a little bit. I've got some Icy Hot."

"Everybody remembers their favorite teacher and their most passionate teacher and Dewitt's that guy," local attorney John Phillips said.

Robinson's wife and kids are among the cheerleaders rooting him on and even after the his shoot-a-thon stops, this teacher says he'll keep on trying to score the best possible resources for his class.

"It's the end goal that's in mind," Robinson said. "It's for my students. And I made them a promise, and I plan to keep it."

Anyone who wants to be an MVP for Dewitt and help out his cause, go to FlipOurClass.com.

After Channel 4 aired this story a viewer from Foland & Higbee, Inc. wrote in to pledge $10,000 from the company to the fundraiser no matter what. The $1,400 that Robinson raised before the new donation can now be used to go toward other school supplies.

Robinson ordered 26 laptops and a projector Sunday.

The deadline to make a donation is Wednesday.