The gifts that women don't want

(Muris Kuloglija Kula/SXC)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As a woman, I do know that getting us a gift we will truly love is no easy task. Yet, after hearing a lot of ladies sound off about the bad gifts they've received in holidays past, I thought I would offer some help.

More than 200 women replied to a Facebook post about the gifts that will likely land a guy in trouble. The number one answer and thing you definitely don't want to buy the lady in your life (unless she really and truly asks for it) is a vacuum. 

Marina Zigovsky posted that she opened one as her main present many years ago and has not used it since it was purchased. Terri Bass Hoskins replied that it may be a good idea to avoid appliances all together.

"I set down that rule 36 years ago when we got married. So far, so good," Hoskins posted.

Weight loss products and gym memberships ranked second among the worst gifts women can receive.

Kelly Brewer Williams wrote, "I received a scale. I mean every girl needs to weigh herself on Christmas morning." 

Melinda Counihan also thought this would be a bad move. Her idea of a bad gift, "Sensa or anything that has to do with weight loss."

Personal shopper Beth Sullivan agreed with all of the above. She said, "The worst items a guy can get his significant other are a vacuum cleaner, a cookbook, or a gym membership! A gift that could possibly mean they aren't good enough cooks, house cleaners, or they're overweight is never good!"

We asked Sullivan about the items you should be shopping for instead. "Anything that's romantic, blings, or travels is a safe bet and make it personal!" Sullivan explained, "For example, if you're thinking jewelry, maybe have it engraved for a small extra cost."

If you're on a budget, she suggested a thoughtful gift that shows you made some effort. A "date night" package is a lot of fun, and you can be creative. An example would be a movie theater gift card inside a popcorn bucket and package of popcorn. How about a bottle of wine and chocolates?

Another budget friendly idea from Sullivan: a mini-jewelry box and inside is a dinner for two at a nice restaurant with a small necklace. There are all kinds of personal ways to make your own personalized "date-night" package!"

Other Facebook posts about the gifts that cause hurt feelings and tension; no gift at all, a present that's really for him, or something that is obviously last minute.

Ginny Conners said it best: "Something with a gift receipt dated  Dec. 24. That shows no thought or planning or that he cares enough to think about me."