EverBank Stadium upgrades on schedule

New scoreboard, seats, pools and more to be completed July 15

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Football season will be here before you know it, and the Jaguars will start off their preseason against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what some say is like a brand new stadium.

Since January, EverBank Field has been getting a makeover: brand new score boards, seats, two pools and more.

"It's a tremendous piece of work on a very tight schedule, so it's been very interesting, and (I'm) very proud of the work my people are doing," said Sid Perkins, vice president of field operations for Hunt Construction Group.

Watching a Jaguars game from a pool with the biggest scoreboards in the nation will be a reality in just a few short months.

Perkins has done projects at sports complexes throughout the nation, but he said the $43 million facelift happening at EverBank Field is one of a kind.

"As you can see from the frame work on the south side, it's a very impressive board -- largest video board in sports," Perkins said. "So a pair of them, one at each end, it's something that's never been done on this scale before."

Some of the most exciting features will be that each scoreboard is 55,000 square feet, a 660 percent increase over last season's boards and the most offered by any NFL stadium.

What's really got fans talking is the north end zone fan area, which will be two decks featuring cabana-style seating areas, video screens, bars and two large spa-type wading pools.

Fans will also get as close to the action as possible with new field seats located at the north and south sides.

The Jaguars said not only are the new features great for the team and fans, but they'll help showcase the city of Jacksonville.

"Imagine: We're playing the Giants in December, and all those fans in New York are watching the game, and we span over and here we are live at EverBank Field, people in swimming pools and short sleeves. That's going to tell the world how great Jacksonville is," said Chad Johnson, senior vice president of sales.

WEBCAM: View EverBank Field construction LIVE

The completion date is scheduled for July 15, plenty of time ahead of the first preseason game.