Possible child abuse video posted on Instagram

Channel 4 viewers flood newsroom with calls, emails


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The Channel 4 newsroom was flooded with calls referencing a video on Instagram video shot at a local skate park depicting an act of child abuse.

Calls started coming in overnight Friday about a video that was posted on Instagram, shared by the local Instagram group IgersJax, that showed a father pushing his young child off of a half pipe at Kona Skate Park. 

When we called Kona Skate Park, we were told that the incident did happen at their park and they told the child who shot the video and his parents to call police and child services. They said they were first made aware of the incident Friday night at 11 p.m. '

Kona skatepark Martin Ramos has identified the man in the video as Marcus Crossland and his son, whose nickname around the park is "Dino the Dinosaur". He said Dino is among the best skaters and admits he was upset when he saw it.

John Harrell at the Department of Children and Families said no one has contacted them as of yet, but based on the description we gave him, they are interested in tracking down not only the father, but the child to make sure he is OK. 

"We want to make sure these children are safe. We want to see if there's another concern within this hone. Certainly the video is disturbing," Harrell said.

We've reached out to Crossland for comment. As of now, we've not heard back.

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