Internet cafes reopen for 3rd time

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Channel 4 has learned that at least two Internet cafes have reopened again in Jacksonville.

Twice now Internet cafes have been deemed illegal by the state, and now for the third time, owners say they've found a technology that technically isn't illegal, and they believe they'll be allowed to stay open this time.

"They're being real unfair. We're just trying to run a legitimate business," said Rafael Hernandez , with Jackpot City Social Center. "They keep saying we're illegal and this is a gambling house. That's not what's happening."

Hernandez said he has new machines with "no-chance" games, meaning players know the outcome before they play.

"This is no chance, so technically you'll know beforehand," said Hernandez. "So therefore it's not gambling."

A spokesperson with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says it can neither confirm nor deny whether the department is aware of the cafes' reopening, but did say to check back in a few weeks to see if any action is taken against the cafes.

A few weeks ago owners said they weren't doing anything illegal, but were then shut down.

"We don't really understand," said Hernandez. "Why can't they just check our software out and leave us alone?"

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