Woman gives birth in a field on her lunch break

Baby survives despite being abandoned for two days


After hiding her pregnancy from family and colleagues, a Polish woman gave birth on her lunch break in a field before returning to work, leaving the newborn in the field to die.

Jolanta Czarnecka, 30, of Ilawa, Poland, gave birth to the baby girl in a field near her work, reports Metro. She then went back to her office, where her manager noticed blood on her clothes. She was then taken to the hospital, where doctors examined her and discovered she had been pregnant.

She first told doctors she had the baby by accident and it had been sucked down the toilet at work.

However, detectives quickly disproved Czarnecka's story, and she was forced to admit to giving birth and abandoning the newborn.

The baby girl was found two days later severely dehydrated and covered in insects, but alive.

Dr. Barbara Chomik stated, "It is a miracle that she survived under those conditions for so long. It is simply a miracle."

Czarnecka has been charged with attempted murder.